Benefits of height adjustable workstations for employees and the company

Just another hype!!

Probably this could be the first response flashing through your mind when you see a billboard, youtube video, or any newspaper article that promotes the usage of standing desks.

It’s not surprising. The media strives hard to make you healthier, leaner, and smarter by promoting various fitness equipment, diet plans, and lifestyle coaches.

Identifying a genuine product from this cacophony of tall claims is quite challenging and confusing. So you have all reasons to be skeptical about standing desks as well.

Are standing desks a fad?

No. It’s not.

Standing desks are just tables with adjustable height features that enable the user to work while standing. It derives its health benefits from the advantages of standing.

Various studies have well established the efficiency of standing in improving life span and efficiency.

For instance, a 1958 study published by the British Medical Journal revealed that death due to cardiac ailments was significantly lower among bus conductors, who stand the entire day than their driver colleagues who spend the whole day sitting.

Another study conducted in 2018 by The University of Leicester among NHS staff reported better work engagement and fewer musculoskeletal problems for those who used standing desks.

Why do we need to use standing desks in our offices?

One has to deliver exceptional results and acquire new skills to be relevant in the industry. It forces many to spend most of their time sitting before the computer. These prolonged working hours stop them

from following a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, a balanced diet, or getting proper sleep.

Apart from reducing an individual’s productivity levels, a sedentary lifestyle is an open ticket to numerous health issues such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disorders.

The conventional office furniture of fixed height tables, even with height adjustable chairs, is unsuitable for many, especially for shorter and taller ones. The ill effects of bad postures in the form of severe back pain, neck tension, or muscle aches stop the employee from achieving professional excellence.

Prolonged sitting is one of the major leading causes of increased morbidity and mortality. And hence science now considers sitting the new smoking, that requires urgent proper interventions.

Standing desks encourage the workers to be more active and significantly alleviate the harmful impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. It makes the employees healthier and lowers the occurrence of sick leaves, which translates to improved operational efficiency for the company.

Even though standing desks are beneficial in many ways, standing continuously for a long time is challenging. A practical approach would be to switch positions from sitting to standing at regular intervals. It gives you the benefits of standing without imposing too much strain on your muscles or comfort levels.

For such a transition to happen, the employee should be able to raise or lower the table height without exertion. And it makes adjustable height desks an essential part of all modern workspaces.

How to choose the right standing table for you?

Not all stand desks function the same way, and it confuses many when attempting to buy home office standing desks online.

A motorized smart standing desk uses electric motors to perform the height adjustment process. You only need to press the buttons, and it will make the adjustments in an entirely noiseless way.

These effortless operations encourage employees to switch positions frequently and make the entire process highly beneficial.

On the other hand, a non-motorized standing desk requires you to make all these adjustments manually through cranking. Often, it is a noisy affair that disturbs the entire office environment.

Manual standing desks are much cheaper. The price is a powerful temptation for many to choose, especially while purchasing work from home furniture online.

But the efforts of cranking and the noise discourage many from making regular height adjustments. In effect, it becomes another fixed height table, nullifying the purpose of owning a height adjustable or sit stand table.

A smart height adjustable desk can significantly boost employee productivity through better mobility, efficient communications, and team coordination. Such a highly productive team that doesn’t fall sick empowers the company to unleash its potential and achieve its growth milestones efficiently.

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