Standing desks: the painless way of standing tall

It was a usual morning in June, and the city was still half asleep. We were busy cleaning and sanitizing the furniture in our experience center.

A couple walked into the store and introduced themselves as Ravi and Aditi. Even though the center is open from 7 AM to 8 PM, early visitors are less frequent.

So we were a bit surprised by their visit at 6.30 AM and assured them that it would be ready within 10 minutes. But they stopped us, saying they had already made the purchases and were there to share their experiences.

They already did an online review but felt that it was inadequate. The couples wanted to share their feedback personally with someone from the organization.

Since the center works without staff, they could not find anyone there. Today they accidentally noticed a human presence and decided to utilize this opportunity.

Ravi is a lead graphic designer with one of the multi-national digital marketing agencies with an illustrious career spanning over two decades. His wife Aditi works as a customer relationships manager with a car dealership.

Over the years, Ravi started developing some uneasiness on his back. Popular remedies like memory form pillows, stretching exercises, or oil massages did not work, and the pain became intolerable within a few months.

They consulted various doctors and underwent diagnostic tests. But nothing concrete came out of it. Doctors were unable to identify the exact cause of Ravi’s back pain. They put forward many theories like vitamin deficiency, occupational hazards, arthritis, or the natural aging process.

Ravi found solace in the medicines initially. But they were unkind to his stomach and were sleep-inducing, forcing him to discontinue it within a couple of weeks.

Life slowly became a struggle for Ravi. He could not work even for a couple of hours, drastically affecting his delivery quality. Driving became a nightmare.

He even started to skip crucial client meetings, and visits to his elderly parents became less frequent.

In short, the back pain was crippling his professional and personal life quite miserably.

It was the time of the pandemic and the era of WFH. Ravi had to convert a portion of his flat into his office. Getting the office furniture was the primary requirement.

Initially, they tried to purchase from some websites that offered work from home furniture online. But they were hesitant to spend money without any physical examination.

Accidentally they reached the Desqoo website. The option to buy a home office standing desk online after physically experiencing it at their experience center impressed them.

Ravi visited the center and found the method quite interesting. There are no salespeople, allowing you to explore and experience the products as much as you wish. If you need assistance, you can easily reach the customer care executive through telephone support.

He started spending time in the center and found the sit stand desks quite impressive. Besides, he could purchase or not without any guilt feeling for crushing the hopes of the salesman.

One day, Ravi brought his laptop and spent an entire day in the center. He expected severe back pain in the evening due to the continuous standing. But to his surprise, he felt much relieved. And they ordered an office chair and standing desk the following day.

“You people are magicians. Your smart standing desk saved our lives.” Aditi was speaking in a shattered voice. Her eyes welled up when she narrated the days when Ravi cried like a baby due to the severe pain.

Now he no longer experiences the pains, and Ravi is confident in taking up new responsibilities without any anxieties.
” No, we are not magicians,” I intervened instantly and explained them how we helped them.

Ravi had no prominent health reasons for the back pain. His pain might have stemmed from the long-sitting habit.

Studies prove that prolonged sitting puts extreme stress on the lower back. To reduce discomfort, we change our sitting positions, which often constricts the blood vessels and damages the muscles.

While you are standing, there is no pressure on your spines. The blood flow is normal, and it reduces muscle fatigue significantly. So in the case of Ravi, adopting the standing posture was the primary factor in rectifying his health condition.

Our role in his recovery is limited to providing an excellent and cost-efficient smart height adjustable desk that encourages him to adopt a new working style.

Aditi and Ravi believe that the sit-stand table is their most beneficial purchase. The completely noiseless operation allows Ravi, who prefers to work at night, to adjust the heights without disturbing the sleep of others.

Multiple height levels enable Aditi to use it as a study table for the elder kids and a feeding table for the youngest. She finds it robust enough to use while doing regular stretching exercises as well.

But what astonished me was her revelation that she uses the table to reduce the mobile phone addiction of kids. She places the gadgets on the table and sets the height to the maximum level. The kids can’t reach it, and the table will hold the position even if they switch off the power.

Immediately after their departure, I reached for my phone. I just wanted to assure my wife that I am genuinely trying to be a good parent. And have identified an efficient way to extricate our children from the evils of digital addiction.

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