Benefits of standing desks for your business

Standing desks are increasingly becoming popular among professionals, especially after the pandemic-induced lockdowns and the introduction of WFH as a new employment option.

But such a transition is not happening in the professional workspace. Companies are still reluctant to change their existing computer tables to modern standing computer desks.

Most managements are now following a wait-and-watch approach in adopting standing desks in their office. There are various reasons for this lukewarm response.

Changing the existing work station furniture to height adjustable tables is definitely a costly affair. People are always doubtful about changes. So even if the management switch to standing desks, persuading people to use them and reduce their dependence on the time-old working habit of sitting can be tricky.

Naturally, the fear of rejection forces the management to follow the path of least resistance by disregarding the long-term benefits stand desks can bring to their organization.

How do the standing desks help the employer?

Studies worldwide prove that standing desks make employees healthier, happier, and more productive.

But how do they translate to the organization’s benefit? Wouldn’t improving the perks or benefits make an employee happier?

These are some of the genuine concerns of any entrepreneur. But the experience of business owners who adopted standing desks in their offices tells a different story and proves these concerns irrelevant.

Enhances Employee Productivity

The traditional fixed-height tables and office chairs encourage the employee to spend most of his working hours sitting, which is one of the primary

reasons for the increased presence of lifestyle diseases in the working population.

No one can focus on the work; if your back hurts like hell, whatever may be incentives or benefits for its timely execution. Worries of physical uneasiness, annoyance, and the frustration of poor performance upset the employee morale and make them less confident in taking up new challenges.

Standing desks improve posture, blood flow, and mobility. It relieves the user from chronic musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, joint stiffness, or fatigue.

The ability to perform duties without distractions helps the employee focus more on the work and elevates his productivity levels significantly. And it boosts the performance of the team and organization as well.

Encourages Team communication

Obesity, Type2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and increased chances of cancer or stroke are some of the significant morbidities of a sedentary lifestyle.

When people become sick due to any such conditions, they tend to be more anxious, lethargic, and easily irritable. The frequent mood swings and the inertia of rising from the seats create an invisible wall of poor communication between colleagues.

People become more active and move freely among their peers when they stand. It cements the relationships, generates new ideas, and encourages the employees to act in unison to achieve organizational goals.

Reduces cost and improves customer relationships
Standing desks reduce sick leaves, improve delivery, and save your spending on health insurance.

Do stand desks improve the performance of employees other than reducing sick leaves?

The Department of Environmental & Occupational Health, Texas A&M University, conducted a six-month study among call center employees in the year 2016 about the impact of standing desks on their productivity.

The study found that the participants who used stand desks logged 53% more successful calls than their seated counterparts.

In short, standing desks improve an employee’s physical and cognitive skills tremendously, leading to better delivery and customer relationships.

Is the increased spending on stand desks justifiable?

Usually, a motorized standing desk costs you anything between Rs. 30,000 – 50,000. So when you adopt standing desks for your office, you need to spend a substantial amount depending on the number of employees.

Even though there are sufficient data about the long-term benefits of standing desks, many employers find this immediate spending unnecessary.

Let us analyze the situation further:

Senior employees in the decision-making roles are the propelling force for any organization in its growth journey. They bring years of experience, expertise, and wisdom to the organization, albeit at a higher expense.

But the years they spend sitting on chairs make them vulnerable to various lifestyle diseases. Naturally, they tend to take more sick leaves, and their absence on important occasions badly affects the growth trajectory of the business.

Let us assume that an employee, X, draws Rs. 1,00,000 as his monthly salary.

The cost of a sit-stand table is Rs. 30,000

Suppose there is a minimum 5% increase in X’s productivity, then the monthly gain would be Rs.5000

The yearly advantage for the employer due to the standing desk would be 5000X12 = 60,000/-

In other words, the employer can recover his additional investment in the first year itself, and it will continue to generate returns for the coming years as well.

Besides these measurable outcomes, it benefits the organization in many ways. For instance, easy accessibility and ease of mobility encourage other employees to make meaningful communication with seniors effortlessly.

Such interactions eliminate confusion and help the team members to make informed decisions at each stage of their work. It significantly improves the work quality and enhances customer relationships.

The availability of quality standing desks in India is a significant concern, especially in non-urban areas. Since the concept is quite novel, not many companies are into the business. Customizing the furniture to suit your specific requirements too is complicated.

The wide range of height adjustable tables, customization features, product quality, and vast delivery network make Desqoo the best stand-up desk provider in India.

No organization that values employee well-being can turn its back on the adaptation of standing desks in their offices. Standing desks are one of the most beneficial investments you can make with absolute confidence about their long-term benefits.

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